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JSS Hardcoded account information is bad

Jamf Admins, lets take a minute to talk about hardcoded values in scripts. It’s great that we’re a social community that publishes shares and modifies each other’s work on GitHub, but please sanitize that information. Take this as an example: For privacy to the original poster i’ve removed identifying information. Note: Even though mm2270 is listed as the author of…

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Carbon Black Install from the web

Where I work we heavily rely on autopkg & autopkgr to do the heavy lifting of our package management. As a stop gap before going down the rabbit hole of a Hand Crafted autopkg recipe, I created a Carbon Black install Script. I did this because Carbon Black throws some fun curveballs: They Don’t give you a direct link to…

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CrashPlan Silent Install

Finally I had time to figure out why Jamf Pro wasn’t pushing the CrashPlan install properly. My configuration was correct, but it would die as it couldn’t find out who the user was properly While trying to find out what was going wrong I found a log file Located at /Library/Logs/CrashPlan/install.log In my case the log looked like this. Mon…

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