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How to create a VM that’ll work with DEP on VMware Fusion

¬†As of 2019-10-07 to create a Catalina VM you’ll need to use vfuse 2.2.4 and Fusion 11.5 Shout out to Mike for the following observation As of macOS 10.14.3, the hardware must meet the minimum system requirements for macOS 10.14. Edit: As per a comment below the location of vfuse has been correted This often comes up in #Macadmins How Do I…

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Deploy Office After DEP Configuration

In order to speed up our initial DEP process we decided to move deploy Microsoft Office on next checkin rather than part of the initial build. Doing this gave us the ability to DEP a machine in under 10 mins to get our employees up and running.   Todo this we have a few different moving parts. We deploy a…

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Screenshots at the Setup Assistant

While working on DEP, I noticed something interesting. As of 10.11 you can screenshot Setup Assistant using the standard keys Command + shift 3/4 (add a space for just a window). This raised the question, where do the screenshots go? Supprisingly when you finish the Setup Assistant they end up as expected on the desktop.

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