Hackathon JNUC2017!

With great pleasure I’d like to introduce you to a hackathon project I given the opportunity to work on with Ron Sanders¬†and Tj Thurman.


Together with these brilliant people we created a script that allows you enable your employees to order accessories through self service. Known as GYoS or “Get Your own Stuff”


While we had bigger hopes to launch with zinc.io integration to fully facilitate ordering to amazon we simply didn’t have time. Mostly due to the great sessions we all wanted to attend at the conference.


Version one, allows you to pop up a form after your employees click order a device, prompts them for an address, and then shoots an email with all this information combined into an email.


Future plans are to integrate in with zinc, and or, possibly generate a ticket through apis, and use some other tools to create an approval workflow.


Feel free to download it and contribute!