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Download Sierra through CLI

EDIT: Apple’s readded sierra to MAS One of the changes that came with High Sierra’s release and affected fellow macadmins was the removal of Sierra from the app store.   For now, there’s a work around as Apple still has Sierra in the Software Update Catalogue Sign into the Mac App Store with an account that had Sierra Download…

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Neat utility for checking Apple Caching Servers in Sierra

With the Sierra release a new tool also came. This tool AssetCacheLocatorUtil located at /usr/bin/AssetCacheLocatorUtil when run will tell you if your host mac detects any caching servers on your network. EG 17:57:38.697 AssetCacheLocatorUtil[27658:174761] — Information for user 501 (results for other users may be different): 2016-11-08 17:57:38.697 AssetCacheLocatorUtil[27658:174761] Checking whether there might be caching server(s) available… 2016-11-08 17:57:38.698 AssetCacheLocatorUtil[27658:174761]…

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