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Mind Blown! – Run Terminal at the Setup Assistant

Yesterday in macadmins slack it came up that you can open terminal in Setup Assistant. This to me is mind blowing, while I wasn’t the original one that discussed it I feel it’s a worthy post. Chris Collins did a much better job of blogging what the use of this is than I would so hat tip to him! You…

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Deploy Office After DEP Configuration

In order to speed up our initial DEP process we decided to move deploy Microsoft Office on next checkin rather than part of the initial build. Doing this gave us the ability to DEP a machine in under 10 mins to get our employees up and running.   Todo this we have a few different moving parts. We deploy a…

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Carbon Black Install from the web

Where I work we heavily rely on autopkg & autopkgr to do the heavy lifting of our package management. As a stop gap before going down the rabbit hole of a Hand Crafted autopkg recipe, I created a Carbon Black install Script. I did this because Carbon Black throws some fun curveballs: They Don’t give you a direct link to…

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